Who are we?

We (HHRM) are a non-profit organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our goal is to sponsor as many refugees as possible so long as they arrive safely and have access to proper living conditions once here.

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to make sure that all refugees arriving to Canada have adequate living conditions and equal opportunities to flourish. Our dedicated staff and volunteers work with the community to make this all happen.

We rely heavily on the contributions and generous donations of our fellow Canadians to allow us to operate and grow according to the needs of newcomers. Please consider making a donation today [see Make a donation for details].

HHRM consists of the following dedicated individuals from different walks of life:

Members of The Board

Marlene Reguly (Chair)

Dr. Berhanu Balcha (Vice-Chair)

Daniel Awshek (Secretary-Treasurer)

Abdirizak Adam

Abnet Adane

Marty Cielen

Vic Janzen

Sr. Sheila Madden

Heather Rochon

John Mukesa Salumu-Kasongo

Gail Schnabl

Patricia Fitzmaurice

Retired Members

Kouroush A. Ebadi

Sr. Jo Anne Jelinski

Isaac Katoyo

Mary Webster

Owen Sweeney

Rev. Robert Osborne

Judy Hall

Sponsorship Agreement Holder Representatives

Gail Schnabl (Anglican Diocese of Rupert's Land)

Patricia Fitzmaurice (Roman Catholic Archiepiscopal Corporation of Winnipeg)


Office Administrators

Tom Denton (Executive Director, Administration & Sponsorship)

Karin Gordon (Executive Director, Resettlement, & House Mother)

Samiya Ahmed (Bookkeeper)



(Provided by Mennonite Voluntary Services)

Matthias Groeschel (2008-2009)

Sebastian Bechtel (2009-2010)

Maximilian Werner (2010-2011)

Simon Schneider (2011)

Florian Gelhart (2012)

Dennis Rempel (2012-2013)

Nino Kurtanidze (2013)

Volunteers(Current year)

Marty Cielen (Reception House)

Sevdan A. Ebadi (Website Design and Implementation)

Karen Isaacs (Website Administration)

Mihret Zewude (Office)

Dennis Rempel (Office)

Nino Kurtanidze (Office)

Ivan Vugampore (Office)

Martin Mulimbwa (Computer Maintenance)

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